About Us

WHY URBANALOG – Because we deliver the best!

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UrbAnalog Architects demonstrates excellence in every phase of traditional designing, from planning and designing to delivery of inhabitable environment. We help clients with strategy, design plan options and budgets for their spaces. Apart from execution on site we also are involved in selection of ready-to-install furniture/gadgets and furnishings available in the local and global market.

We provide design solutions to different segments of the community.

  • Architecture: Bungalows and Farm houses
  • Interior Design: Health care, Education, Commercial and Residential
  • Landscape: Residential & Commercial


Our projects are a collaborative business experience with our customers. We work closely with our customers from the planning to the execution stage for perfect project completion and to develop customized solutions. Our architects complement and supplement the design efforts of the client’s architects, offering vital inputs.


Our Team of Industry experts, project managers and architects create synergies across verticals for timely and cost effective project execution.


Our intimate knowledge of procurement, manpower, materials and our business itself, saves costs for the customers in terms of materials used, operational efficiencies, design and engineering optimizations, project coordination and effective use of the latest technologies.